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Alloy wheel refurbishment.

Our team at TopGear strive to deliver the best quality workmanship to have you back in the drivers seat as soon as possible with top quality results to put that well deserved smile on your face.

Alloy wheels

  • Wheel painting (powder coating).

  • Custom wheel painting (detailing and candy colours).

  • Crack repairs and alloy wheel welding.

  • Wheel straightening.

  • Diamond cutting.

  • Kerbing repairs.

  • Standard refurbishments.


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Colour changing services

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Kerbing, chipping damage and scratches can happen easily when driving, leaving undesirable marks and damage to your alloy wheels. Buying new alloy wheels can be expensive, so a standard painted refurbishment is a cost effective way of bringing new life and a polished look back to your alloy wheels.

Standard refurbishment for alloy wheels

Diamond cutting

Powder coating

For a superb result, we start by dipping your wheels into an acid bath. This strips the orginal paint off and brings the alloy wheels back to bare metal. The alloys are then placed into an Aquablast machine which ensures any residual material is removed. The wheel is then sandblasted to ensure the powder bonds with the metal properly. At this stage the wheel is checked over for any scratches or cracks. We then apply a three coat finnish. This includes a powder coat primer which helps prevent corrosion, a coat of the colour desired and then a durable lacquer to help protect the wheel against the elements. this results in a high quality durable finnish for your rims.

The diamond cutting process is a specialist service which offers a detailed and intricate finnish. Diamond cutting is very precise, it only removes what is required.

The process starts with the wheel being powder coated. The wheels are stripped in the acid to ensure all original paint is removed. It is then sandblasted and checked over for any damage, cracks or kerbing.  The first 2 coats of the powder coating process are added.  The surface of the wheel is then precision cut on a lathe. This leaves a detailed and premium finish on the alloy wheel. A durable lacquer is powder coated over the wheels. It protects the diamond cut from being damaged and scratched.

Although the diamond cut process gives the wheels a shiny and mirror like finish that everyone desires, it is not possible to do on every wheel design. Speak to a member of our team if you are unsure if your wheels are able to be diamond cut.

Custom powder coating

We also offer custom powder coating. This includes;

•Custom colours; this can include bright vibrant colours such as disco purple or candy apple red. Many colours are available.

•Sparkle finishes

•Matt or satin finishes

There are no limits here at TopGear when it comes to your alloy wheels. We are able to bring your customisation dreams to life!

Alloy wheel welding/Crack repair

Cracks in the alloy wheel can be sustains easily by simply driving over a pothole or going over a speed bump. Alloy wheel cracks can appear on any combination of wheel and tyre, but cars which have larger alloys and lower profile tyres are more susceptible to wheel cracking. This is because the space between the tyre and the wheel is smaller than normal. This means that there is less cushioning for the alloy when something hard is hit.

The crack in the wheel is carefully welded on both sides. This ensures that the weld will be just as strong as a brand new wheel! Once the weld has cooled down, it is sanded down to ensure that it doesn’t leak air when it has a tyre on it or affect the bead of the tyre on the inside of your alloy. If the weld is on the outside face, then we will shape the weld to the shape of your wheel.

We recommend if you get your wheel welded, that you also get it refurbished to. Welding your wheel will leave a weld mark.

Wheel cracks are hard to notice especially if it is on the inside of the wheel. The most common way to look for wheel cracks is to check your tyre pressure regularly as if the wheel has a crack in it, more than likely it will cause the tyre to deflate.

Wheel straightening

Buckled wheels can be a pain. But here at TopGear it isnt a problem, we can fix it easily and efficiently. To fix this problem, we start by heating the wheel up, this means the wheel is easily minipulated. We then use a specialist hydraulic tool which essentially pushes the wall of the alloy back into its original position, making your wheel look brand new!

There are a few tell tell signs of having a buckled wheel for example;

  • Premauture or rapid tyre wear.

  • A slow puncture.

  • Steering and suspension becoming wobbly or vibrating heavily.

If buckled wheels arent repaired, it can cause serious damage to your steering and suspension systems. It can also mean buying new tyres regularly. Both of these things can be costly, so why not get it repaired!




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